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Security Hinge Screws
Security Hinge Screws

Security Screws for light switch cover plates and plug cover plates. 6-32 x 1/4” 0val head security screws for cover plates are available
in white color, beige colour and stainless steel.

security screws for light and plug cover plates

Stop tampering of cables, wires and guide wires. Cable security options standard security and high security. Screw to table top, back of table stud in wall or floor.

Picture FramingSecurity Picture Frame Hardware & Supplies: Security T Head Locking Picture Hangers, T screw components, kits and security wrenches for framed arts. Aluminum and wood anti theft screws, hangers and solutions.




Door Hinge Security Screws Don’t allow access to secure areas by permitting the door hinges to be removed.
door hinge screws SECURITY TAMPER Tek self driller Flat Head tamper Proof


Security screws for hotels motels institutions


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Thin head tamper proof screws for use on door hinge, lock plates and other areas that require a flat head undercut security screw for thin or lightweight material are in stock.