Security Hinge Screws
Security Hinge Screws

security screws for light and plug cover plates

high security screws
Light switch & Cover plate security screws.  Security Screws for light switch cover plates and plug cover plates. 6-32 x 1/4” 0val head security screws for cover plates are available in white color, beige colour and stainless steel.


cord and wire and cable security options
Stop tampering of cables, wires and guide wires. Cable security options standard security and high security. Screw to table top, back of table stud in wall or floor.

security screws for prisons

security fasteners for Jails and Correctional Institutions Security Fasteners Jails and Correctional Institutions: Tamperproof fasteners are typically used in such applications as on windows, door hinges, jams and frames. Other places include air conditioning ducts and vents, washrooms, bathrooms, shower areas, mirrors, signs, electrical outlets and fixtures.
security fasteners for Public Schools and Hospitals Security Fasteners Public Schools and Hospitals: One of the worst problems facing a maintenance crew is how to reduce the high cost of repair and replace equipment, property and supplies that are subject to vandals who constantly remove or destroy property when not under surveillance.
security fasteners for Highway Signs and Rest Areas Security Fasteners Highway Signs and Rest Areas: People will take anything that isn’t bolted down. Highways lose signs, lights, poles, and guard rails each year by people simply dismantling and walking off with millions of dollars worth of property. O.E.M.’s tamper proof products can put a stop to this.
security fasteners for Amusement Parks Security Fasteners Amusement Parks and Equipment: Non-removeable fasteners can be used in such areas as railings, handles on rides, doors, coin-operated equipment, money changers, video machines, games, as they provide a great measure of safety for those people using the equipment.
security fasteners for Public Use Facilities Security Fasteners Public Use Facilities: Parks and recreation areas suffer a great deal when it comes to having items being removed or destroyed. Tamper proof fasteners are used on park benches, garbage cans, restraint devices, fountains, swimming pools, resort’s, ect. and can prevent useless damage and increase safety.
security fasteners for Public Transit Security Fasteners Public Transit Services: Tamper proof products can stop vandals from destroying interiors of buses, trolleys, car ferries, and terminals by installing fasteners on anything that should not be removed, except by maintenance people. And then only with the proper tamper proof tools.
security fasteners for Remote Facilities Security Fasteners Remote Facilities and Operations: On the back roads, out of sight from the authorities, means trouble when it comes to tampering and damaged equipment for power transmission companies, water, oil, communications, and land surveying crews having remote stations.
security fasteners for Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts Security Fasteners Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts: Catering to millions of visitors and customers each year and some vandals remove everything from pictures on the wall, plants, TV’s, phones, furniture, lighting fixtures, artificial and even valuable antiques. Tamper proof fasteners can reduce this problem and save owners thousands of dollars each year.

DOOR HINGE SCREWS and other thin material

door hinge screws SECURITY TAMPER Tek self driller Flat Head tamper Proof
Hinge Screws



Security screws for hotels motels institutions

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Thin head tamper proof screws for use on door hinge, lock plates and other areas that require a flat head undercut security screw for thin or lightweight material are in stock.