Anti-theft Concrete Screws

Security Concrete screws

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All styles and types of security anchors, tamper resistant and tamper proof anchors.

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Masonry Bolt Torx Pin
Masonary Drill Bit SHANKS


quad lok-tamper proof security

Roby-Pin High Security Screws

Roby-Pin High Security screws are exclusively sold by Loss Prevention Fasteners. Roby-Pin Tamper Proof Square Drive with Security Pin offers an excellent tamper proof solution. More Info »
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Screws - Masonry

Masonry Screws

Ultra Masonry Screws are the optimal fastening solution for use in concrete, brick, or hollow block. More Info »
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Masonry Bolt

Masonry Bolt

Ultra Masonry Tamper Proof Bolt is a universal high-strength carbon steel anchor that is vibration resistant. It is designed for most applications and can be used in a variety of tough base materials such as concrete, block, brick, or stone. More Info »
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Sleeve Anchors Torx-Pin®

Security Sleeve Anchors

Torx-Pin Style Security Anchors

Torx-Pin® Security Anchors for concrete, stone, brick and block are quick and easy to install. Available in Stainless Steel and Zinc plated steel. More Info »
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