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All styles and types of tools for security screws, tamper resistant and tamper proof screws.

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quad lok-tamper proof security

Roby-Pin High Security Screws

Roby-Pin High Security screws are exclusively sold by Loss Prevention Fasteners. Roby-Pin Tamper Proof Square Drive with Security Pin offers an excellent tamper proof solution. More Info »
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Tool Kits

security tools

Tool Kits

Inch & Metric Security tools available in kits, assortments as well as individually. Designed for security and professional use, LPFast has the complete range available. More Info »
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T groove security tool

 T-Groove Tools

T-Groove nuts, bolts and screws use unique tools. All sizes available in many configurations - also know as Holt Head, Tri-Groove, Trident and... More Info »
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Avsafe security tools

Avsafe® Tools

Avsafe® Security screws are one of the more aesthetically pleasing screws.  More Info »
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Penta tool

Pentagon® Tools

Pentagon® Security bolts are an excellent solution where larger sizes are needed. Standard sizes from 3/8″ to 5/8″ diameter are stocked and we can offer custom sizes as from 1/4″ up to 1″. More Info »
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6 Lobe Pin

6 lobe pin tool

Ultra® 6 Lobe Pin Security Tools

Ultra® 6 Lobe Security aka Torx Pin Security ®screws offers excellent appearance and good security. More Info »
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Hex Pin

Hex pin security tool

Hex-Pin® Security Tools

Hex-Pin® Security bolts by Loss Prevention Fasteners offer the greatest choice of sizes and materials in Tamper Resistant Bolts. More Info »
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Ultra Lok

Ultra lok security

Ultra-Lok II security tools

Ultra-Lok II is a removable/re-usable high security fastener. More Info »
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One Way Screw Extractor


One Way Screw removal tools

One-Way Security screws are versatile - used in all types of situations. Unique head design that offers excellent theft resistance. More Info »
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Phillips Pin

Phil pin security tools

Phillips Pin Security Tools

Phill-Pin® Security Screws are an excellent alternative to the more common style Tamper Resistant screws. More Info »
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Spanner security tool

Spanner® / Snake Eyes® Security Tools

Spanner® / Snake Eyes® Security screws are one of the more commonly used Tamper Resistant Screws in use today. Available in 18.8 Stainless material in Pan / Flat head styles. More Info »
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Tri Wing

Tri wing security

Tri Wing Security Tools

More Info »
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Triangle tamper proof security

Triangle Security Tools

More Info »
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5 Lobe Pin

5 lobe pin tool

Ultra® 5 Lobe Pin Security Tools

More Info »
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Security tool accessories

Security Tool Accessories

More Info »
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Hand Tools

Security hand tools

Hand Tools

More Info »
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Drill Bits

Drill bits

Drill Bit Tools

More Info »
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LOSS PREVENTION FASTENERS carries a complete line of Tamper Resistant / Security Sheet Metal Screws, TORX PLUS®, TORX® Tamper Resistant, Hex or Socket Pin, Phillips® Pin, Spanner / Snake Eyes®, Ultra-Lok® and Avsafe®.

LPF® is constantly researching and testing the newest and best Tamperproof / Security fasteners from around the globe. Check back on a regular basis for updated fasteners!