Wire Theft Prevention

wire theft prevention
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Copper Wire Theft Prevention a Growing Concern

The primary driver to the increased need for copper wire theft prevention is the marked increase of copper costs over the past several years. Copper producing companies have not been able to supply the increased demand particularly in the US and China. Therefore, with the increased demand has come the increased theft of copper wire to sell for profit.

Some of the reasons that copper theft is on the rise include:

copper wire theft prevention

  • Scrap dealers are paying high prices for recycled copper
  • Copper can typically be stolen with ease
  • It is incredibly difficult to find and arrest copper thieves
  • Even if thieves are caught, there are relatively low fines and prison time is short

Ultra-Lok Hand Hole Covers (HHC) are your number one solution to wire theft prevention from Light Poles. Cut from 3/16″ steel plate and backed with 1/4″ plate these resist any attempt at gaining access to active electrical wires. Backing Bar is made of 3/16″ channel iron ensuring a complete total fastening solution. All HHC’s can be Galvanized or Painted to your specifications.

Some Benefits of Our HHC Inspection Covers

Our HHC inspection covers increase wire theft prevention and features:

  • 7/16″ thick industrial grade steel cover plate
  • 1/4″ thick industrial grade “U” channel backing bar
  • Custom designed to fit your application and poles
  • Available in galvanized or powder coated finishes
  • Each cover includes our proprietary Ultra-Lok bolt

Loss Prevention Fasteners® is constantly researching and testing the newest and best Security Solutions for copper wire theft prevention from around the globe.  Check back on a regular basis for updated fasteners on our site.

Loss Prevention Fasteners – Your Partner in Copper Wire Theft Prevention

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