Ultra® 5 Lobe Security screws

Available in 18.8 Stainless Steel & Black Oxide material in Button / Flat head styles.
Inch and Metric sizes available. Tools Only sold to approved users.  SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW DETAILS


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The ULTRA FIVE LOBE SECURITY Drive increases torque transfer, extends tool life, and increases productivity on their assembly lines. Now these benefits are available in a unique tamper-resistant version. When combined with a countersunk or button head design, the tamper-resistant FIVE LOBE fastener is extremely difficult to remove without the proper tool.

Ultra Five Lobe security


5 LOBE Pin machine Screws

5 LOBE Pin Tapping Screws


  • Non-symmetrical, elliptically-based geometric configuration
  • Five lobes with solid post in center of recess
  • Drivers only available to authorized service personnel


  • Allows optimum torque transfer and increased drive stability
  • Allows improved productivity on the assembly line
  • Non-symmetrical shape provides increased resistance to tampering
  • Limited access to proper drivers maintains integrity of system
  • 5 LOBE with PIN available as Machine Screws, Bolts and Tapping Screws.

Ultra 5 Lobe machine screws, Ultra 5 Lobe tapping screws.

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