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Available in 18.8 Stainless & Zinc Plated Steel in Pan Head.

LPFast.com is the leader in Avsafe and Oval Pan Security Screws. An installed Avsafe screw looks like a rivet or nail head! The slightly out of round design is esthetically pleasing. Available in Standard and Metric sizes and a variety of material including Zinc Plated Steel, 18.8 SS and 316 SS.. AvSafe ASMD-0080-7750 TecNec ASMD00807750 Avdel tamper proof, out of round, nail head… we call it AVSAFE, it is in stock! Contact us today for pricing and delivery PH 1.888.584.6283 Int’l +1 604 800 9246

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The Avsafe Security Screw: Is a tamper resistant fastener with a slightly oval shape (out of round) head. It is available in machine screws self-tapping screws. Installed and removable using controlled Avsafe drivers. The ‘driveless’ feature of this tamper proof fastener makes this one of the most hygienic screws in the market place today. The absence of flutes, holes and sharp edges makes Avsafe the fastener of choice in the electronics industry as the design prevents electron discharge.

Tamper – Resistance: Avsafe screws have a slightly out of round shaped head with beveled sides to prevent removal with conventional tools. An Installed screw does not invite interference as it appears more as ornamentation than a fastener head. An ideal tamper proof application would be an Avsafe screw installed in a recess.

Hygienic Safety: Avsafe screws have no flutes or recess to accumulate food or other foreign matter, therefore are not subject to corrosion from acids that trapped substances promote. Stainless steel screws are also available.

Electron Discharge Prevention: Avsafe screws discourage electron discharge as they have no flutes, holes, sharp edges or corners. This makes Avsafe a well suited fastening method for high voltage.

Cosmetic Appearance: The exposed head of an Avsafe screws appears to be a polished adornment providing an excellent end product appearance. Once installed Avsafe doesn’t stand out as a screw type fastener – it hides in plain sight as an ornament. There are no sharp edges to snag clothing.

Custom Sizes and Materials: LossPreventionFasteners.com will manufacture custom screws to your specifications. Minimum quantities may apply. Contact www.LPFast.com for specific information on custom tamper proof screws, nuts and bolts.

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www.LPFast.com Carries Avdel-

Cross Over Part Numbers, Included but not limited to:

0060-07750 #6 Avsafe Avdel Driver, 0060-02750 #6 Avsafe Driver, 00100-07750 Avdel Tool Avsafe Driver, 00040-07750 Avdel Avsafe tools Drivers, Tool # 07220-00200 Avdel Avsafe
OvalPan heads with beveled sides, ideal for medical and food handling equipment, design prevents electric discharge, no sharp edges, no flutes, recesses, holes or sharp edges, hide in plain sight, can only be removed by tools manufactured in USA by Ul

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