Penta tool

Penta Security Bolts

Available in 18.8 Stainless & Zinc plated material. 5 sided bolt, penta bolt, sewer bolt, security bolt or anti theft bolt. Manufactured by Ultra Fasteners Inc.
*In some cases minimum orders apply for custom sizes, call for details. Penta head Coil Bolts are ideal for fast assembly in dirty environments.

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Pentagon Head Tools

Penta head machine Bolts

Penta head Lag bolts

Coil Thread Penta Bolt

Loss Prevention Fasteners div of Ultra Fasteners Inc manufactures  made in USA Penta head lag bolts stainless. LPFPB Penta head lag bolt. LPFP8 Penta Head Lag

Penta head bolts

Penta head 5 sided tool

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