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Tek screws, also known as self-drilling screws, eliminate the need for a pre-drilled hole, this speeds up production as the drilling & fastening is simultaneous.

Use security self drilling tek screws with a regular hand power drill. Tamper proof tek screws have a drill point, unlike self-tapping or sheet metal screws which have a sharp point tip.

Tamper security tek Screws with a drill point can also be called by their application name – such as cladding screws, roofing screws, hinge screw or trim screws etc.

Tamper proof self drilling screws are used in many applications including carpentry for attaching metal parts to wood.

Call us for more details or to find out if a Tek screw is the best option for your project.

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Drill Point Security Screws

door hinge screws SECURITY TAMPER Tek self driller Flat Head tamper Proof


SECURITY Tek self driller Flat Head tamper Proof

Pan head, flat head, Ultra 6 lobe security cladding screw, tri-seal salt spray coating. Screws for roofing and metal siding, bond-sealer, six-lobe, torx-pin, door hinge screws, flat head undercut screws, oval head screws, flat head tek, case hardened steel zinc plated.



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