pentagon security bolts

Pentagon® Security bolts

Available in a variety of sizes and materials. 5 sided bolt, penta bolt, sewer bolt, security bolt or anti theft bolt. Manufactured by Ultra Fasteners Inc.
*In some cases minimum orders apply for custom sizes, call for details. Penta head Coil Bolts are ideal for fast assembly in dirty environments.

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municipal Penta head Bolts

Large Head Penta Bolts

Pentagon Head Tools

Penta head machine Bolts

Penta head Lag bolts

Coil Thread Penta Bolt

Loss Prevention Fasteners div of Ultra Fasteners Inc manufactures  made in USA Penta head lag bolts stainless. LPFPB Penta head lag bolt. LPFP8 Penta Head Lag

Penta head bolts

Penta head 5 sided tool

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Cross reference list of popular Penta Machine Bolts and Penta Lag Screws:
Applications include Manhole Covers, Waterworks, Valve Boxes, Meter Box, Ground Vaults, Polymer Concrete Enclosures & various municipal electrical junction boxes… and much more.
LPFPB are compatible with Ferguson Shamrock, Halliday, Tengco, Inwesco, Hubbell, Quazite, Old Castle, Nordic, Channell, GMP, Trumbell, Mueller, Meter Box, EZ AUGER(tm), and many more.
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Penta CO82500 12861 PC0608, PC0818, PC1012, PC1118, PC1212,
PC1324, PC1730, PX1324, PX1730, PR2700

Penta CO82507          18369 PG1015, PG1118
Penta CO82505          12862 PG1324, PG1730
Penta CO82510          12863 PG2436, PG3048, PG3636
Penta CO82512          17590 PG3048
Penta CO82522          17591 LG3660
Penta CO82524          17592 PG3660
Penta CO82526          17593 PG3060, PG3672, PG4848, PG4872, PG4896
Penta CO82528          17594 PG3060
Penta CO82600 18378 PC0608, PC0818, PC1012, PC1118, PC1212, PC1324, PC1730, PX1324, PX1730, PR2700 Penta CO82607 18379 PG1015, PG1118 Penta CO82605 18377 PG1324, PG1730 Penta CO82610 18376 PG2436, PG3048, PG3636 Penta CO82612 18375 PG3048 Penta CO82622 18374 LG3660 Penta CO82624 18373 PG3660 Penta CO82626 18372 PG3060, PG3672, PG4848, PG4872, PG4896 Penta CO82628 18371 PG3060

C080163 Penta
C080167 Penta
C080164 Penta
C080165 Penta
C080162 Penta
C080146 Penta
C080135 Penta
C080054 Penta
C080049 Penta
C080034 Penta
C080033 Penta
23A0001452 Penta
23A0001453 Penta
23A0001456 Penta
23A0001457 Penta
23A0001458 Penta
23A0001459 PentaN90PHE02 Penta
N98PHE03 Penta
M30PHS Penta
N90HHE02 Penta
Penta Head Bolts 304 Stainless
CBXL381.1SS Penta
CBXL38114.1SS Penta
CBXL38112.1SS Penta
CBXL382.1SS Penta
CBXL38214.1SS Penta
CBXL38212.1SS Penta
CBXL383.1SS Penta
CBXL38312.1SS Penta
CBXL384.1SS Penta
PBX12114.1SS Penta
PBX12112.1SS Penta
PBX12134.1SS Penta
PBX122.1SS Penta
PBX12212.1SS Penta
PBX12212.12SS Penta
PBX12234.1SS Penta
PBX123.1SS Penta
PBX12312.1SS Penta
PBX124.1SS Penta
PBX12112.15SS Penta
PBN123.5SS Penta
PBX12112.1SB Penta
PBX12234.1SB Penta
PBN123.5SB PentaPH-6 HAPE0012
PH-8 HAPE0010
PH-4 HAPE0005
PH-7 HAPE0002
PH-5 HAPE000585A05 Penta
85B07 Penta
85A10 Penta
5656 3/8-7 x 7-1/8
50C450PBD2 /FT87921624 Penta
87921623 Penta
60-1126 Penta
MD14-7464B Penta

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