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BreakAway Bolts, Break off Bolts also known as Shear Bolts are quick and easy to install with a conventional wrench or socket providing protection against theft, tampering and much more.

Breakaway Bolts are available in flat head (countersunk) and button head.
Break-a-way nuts are a permanent one time use, high security fastener which when installed using a standard wrench
the hex portion breaks free from the screw or bolt. The bolt / screw is properly and permanently installed.

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Tork Bolt flat Button


The hex portion is designed to shear off at a predetermined maximum torque equal to the bolts tightened maximum.
The wrench separates the hex from the bolt leaving an installed bolt without any opportunity to be gripped by any sort of standard removal tool; making these fasteners a high security permanent fastener.

Breakaway bolts offer a quick and easy solution to the problem of permanently attaching product, equipment or structures that would otherwise be easily removed with standard tools. Break-off bolts protect the secured items against unauthorized relocation, tampering and interference.

Break-off bolts can be used anywhere, they have almost limitless uses including playground equipment, street signs, metal fencing, street furniture and security barriers etc.

Break-Off Bolts, Break-a-Way Bolts, Shear Bolts are available in Stainless Steel, Bright Zinc Plate or with a Galvanized finish and in a range of sizes. Double Hex Head Torque Bolts ensure proper clamping force without the use of a torque wrench.

Tork Bolt

Tork Bolt security double hex head Tork Bolts

Torsional control C series Socket drive internal hex drive rounds out at your predetermined torque.

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